Design is about solving problems. It is where ideas take shape and get their soul, and it can make or break products. Design is a process, not a destination; It’s about imagination, discovery, creation and experimentation and making a difference in people’s lives.

At FounderTraction we employ a User-centered design (UCD) process, where users’ habits, needs, and desires are at the core of everything we do. We base our methods on a foundation of research and understanding, and our designs are driven by knowledge and data, not opinion. The goal is to delight users by providing them with memorable and consistent experiences, while at the same time helping you achieve your business goal and objectives.


User Experience (UX)

A customer’s experience with your company isn’t just a transaction; it’s a journey. From the moment they come in contact with your or your product, your customers (users) are assessing how well you will meet their needs. These aren’t just their needs for specific functionality, but how well you understand the problems they face, their desires, habits, and preferences. They expect to be delighted, and understanding who your customers and users are is critical to delivering that experience.

Our User Research, UX Strategy and UX Design process we help you obtain the insights and data you need to understand your customers, prioritize the solutions and features you deliver, test and iterate your workflows and designs, while also meeting your business objectives.

Example Deliverables: Personas, User Journeys, Flowcharts, User Surveys, Storyboards, Competitive Analysis


Information Architecture

The clear organization of information and an explicit navigation structure of your product or solution is essential to provide your users with an understanding of where they currently are and where to go to locate the information they need. If information is difficult to find or is buried many levels deep, your app or website is likely imposing a burden on users which will lead to frustration and low adoption.

Our process prioritizes clarity, simplicity and the users’ needs. We create site maps, hierarchies, categorization and navigation structures with the goal of providing users with the most obvious and efficient path towards their desired outcomes. Doing so results in satisfied, engaged users who are easier to convert to paying customers.

Example Deliverables: Sitemaps, Navigation Maps, Wireframes, Taxonomies and Terminology, Categorization, Content Inventories, Feature Inventories


User Interface (UI) Design

Whether it’s through a browser or an app on their smartphone or tablet, your users interact with your product or service through its interface. They often view it as the face of your product and as such it has a large influence on their opinions. Your product may be great, but a bad interface can ruin their experience and slow or even prevent adoption. But it’s much more than just aesthetics; your product’s interface needs to function well to allow your users to accomplish their tasks efficiently.

To achieve this, we apply the principals and practices of information architecture, Visual Design, Interaction Design, and Usability to create interfaces that not just satisfy but delight your users, while also helping you accomplish your business goals.

Example Deliverables: Wireframes, Style Guides, Mockups, Interactive Prototypes, Interface Specifications


Web Design

Your website is the often the first place your potential customers learn about you and your products, and it can be your greatest tool for driving sales, growth and engagement. It’s not sufficient to merely have a website; It needs to promote your brand, be visually appealing, well structured, and clearly articulate the value you and your products or solutions offer. Additionally, with over half of today’s web traffic delivered to mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones); your website must also be mobile responsive.

It’s our goal to design and build websites that not only meet all these criteria, but that also support discoverability, drive visitors to action and deliver measurable results.


Example Deliverables: Site Mockups, Web Style Guides, Responsive Websites, Graphics Design, HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP


Branding/Graphics Design

Part of providing a good experience to your customers is presenting an appealing image. Having attractive a logo and pleasant graphics establishes your brand’s identity, helps you create an emotional connection with your target market and demonstrates pride, personality and your attention to detail.

Whether it’s a logo, graphics for your website or app, or collateral for your company, we base our designs on an understanding of your brand’s principles, culture, and style. Our goal to produce high-quality visuals that resonate with your audience and contribute to your success.

Example Deliverables: Logos, Brand Style Guides, Icons, Illustrations, Photos, Videos, Datasheets, eBooks, Business Cards, Presentations, Pitch Decks


User & Usability Testing

It’s your users who determine your success, and to meet their needs and stay ahead of your competition you must listen to them. The “build it, and they will come” method no longer works. Instead, you must test your ideas and designs and your product based on user feedback (data).

We perform User and Usability Testing to test products or new designs with real people performing actual tasks as we observe, note and record their actions and reactions. With these insights, prototypes, processes, and products can be modified and re-tested to ensure your they are optimized for your users.

Example Deliverables: Workflow Diagrams, User Testing Scripts, Usability Test Results, Test Findings Reports, Audio and Video and Recordings

Let us help you transform your vision into reality.

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