Content encompasses the images, videos, and written words you use to communicate with your customer about their problems and your solution. Content can be created that is company, product, or service specific. Companies also find it useful to create content that is of interest to the customer because it makes them aware of something they didn’t know about, educates them about a solution or product or how a solution or product should be chosen. By creating content that your customers want to consume, you can affect your brand awareness and recognition, your perceived authority within a market, and your rank for keywords used in searches. It also gives you something to talk about using social media and other media channels.


Content Development & Copyrighting

Sometimes our clients have content that they want to distribute using a digital strategy. Many times they don’t. Content development is the process of creating content for a company to use to describe or promote their product and to engage their customer or audience.

Example Deliverables: Personas, Content Outline, Web page Content, Spec Sheets, Advertisements (Ads)


Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses the practice of relying on content to attract customers and create brand recognition and awareness.

Example Deliverables: Content Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Schedule, Collateral (brochures, application notes, case studies, blog posts, white papers, seminar content, webinar content)



There are many ways to describe a problem, solution, product, or issue. Messaging is choosing the specific language and story framework to describe the problems and solutions that most motivate your target market and audience words.

Example Deliverables: Persona Build, Slogans, Tag Phrases, Company Descriptions, Product/Service Descriptions, Messaging Guidelines


Media Communications

Whether social media or trade and other media outlets, creating the communication schedule, content, managing frequency, and recipient lists are necessary to maximize the impact of the content you have created.

Example Deliverables: Social Media Strategy, Media Strategy, Social Media Management, PR lists, Press Releases, Story Pitches


Photos & Videos

Pictures are eye-catching and important and can tell a story better than words. They can also augment written content, make it attractive, have impact, and attract attention. Videos can create a shared experience with your customers and are an increasingly popular way to consume content.

Example Deliverables: Product Photography, Storyboards, Scripts, Animations, Explainer Videos


Illustrations & Iconography

One of the most powerful ways to create brand recognition is to create a unique look and feel for all of your communications, including the images you use. Creating unique illustrations and icons that only your company uses can create interest, awareness, and instant recognition. Carrying unique icons and illustrations across all your channels can create a memorable user experience for your customers.

Example Deliverables: Unique Illustrations, Icons for Print, Web and Mobile Environments

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