Data & Analytics

Data and analytics can give you authoritative information about your buyer’s journey, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, the resonance of your message, even the validity of your value proposition. What is important is to structure your content delivery so you can collect meaningful data to inform your optimization activities. Effectively utilizing data and analytics means using them regularly and acting on them. For this reason, these services are on-going activities.


Analytics Design, Setup & Monitoring

Knowing how your users locate and use your product or website is critical to your long-term success. Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns and digital content by capturing and reporting on usage patterns and visitor data. For the results to be accurate and actionable, analytics must be installed and configured correctly. Regular monitoring and reporting will inform you of trends and allow you to adjust your content or strategy to take advantage of market conditions.

Example Deliverables: Analytics Strategy, Installation, Configuration, Monitoring, Reporting


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of making your content more discoverable by the search engines most relevant to your market. Embedded in SEO are website performance diagnostics, keyword strategies, and website and content architecture.

Example Deliverables: Monthly SEO Reporting, SEO Strategy, Sitemaps, SEO Configuration


Keyword Optimization

An important part of SEO, creating and updating your keyword strategy with performance data is necessary to make your content indexable and findable. This ongoing activity tests assumptions about how your customer finds you via keyword searches and adjusts your keywords and your content to match their behavior.

Example Deliverables: Initial Keyword Strategy, Monthly Keyword Updates, Monthly Keyword Performance Reports


Website Performance Optimization

The speed at which your website loads is a critical factor for both your users’ satisfaction as well as your SEO ranking. Visually rich experiences can be engaging, but they can have a significant impact on the performance of your site, especially for mobile users, and care must be taken to ensure your site is designed and constructed correctly.

We employ performance tools, techniques, and best practices to optimize your site for both performance and platform. Doing so provides users with a consistent experience on all devices, and ensures your site is viewed favorably by Google.

Example Deliverables: Speed Grades, Performance Reports, Mobile Responsiveness Audits, Monthly Website Performance Reports


Conversion Optimization

Do you need to convert visitors to sales? Conversion optimization begins with assessing and measuring the technical and psychological objections that prevent a visitor from becoming a customer and then creating an action plan to address them. We measure the actions taken for efficacy and adjust the plan as needed.  Similar to SEO and website performance optimization, this is not a one-time service but an ongoing process.

Example Deliverables: Market Research, Buyer’s Journey, Conversion Metrics, Monthly Conversion Optimization Reports

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