Marketing in Uncertain Times

Marketing in Uncertain Times

Practice social distancing but maintain your relationships

COVID-19 is dramatically altering our way of life.  While it’s a challenge to manage under such uncertain circumstances, it’s important for companies to continue to pursue their business goals as best as possible for the good of their employees and customers.

Some suggestions:

  • Review your campaigns for relevancy.  Now, more than ever it’s important to review the elements to make sure that messaging and delivery is appropriate for the current business climate and social conditions.
  • Be proactive in communication – if an issue merits discussion, consider a blog post, social message, or webpage to address it.
  • Update your website with any changes, especially hours of operation, product availability, or contact information.
  • Make sure internal and external communications are aligned so your sales and customer service teams are aware of any changes which impact customers.

As we work more remotely and maintain a social distance, digital marketing offers the ability to seamlessly communicate to  maintain business and serve customers. Regular and consistent communications is key to good customer relations, and we have to make sure to put our best efforts out there both socially and professionally.  At this time of crisis we all need to work together and support each other with our people, products and services.

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